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$75 Million to State and Horsemen
$1 Million LOSS (2017 year end results for Dover Downs)

In 2017 , Dover Downs Also Paid Taxes & Fees to

  • City of Dover: $3,334,638
  • State: $3,219,044
  • Kent County: $1,016,754

When Dover Downs’ Casino opened in 1996 there were only 4 casinos in the Mid-Atlantic region outside of Atlantic City. Today there are 21.

  • Maryland – 6
  • Pennsylvania – 8
  • W. Virginia – 1
  • New York – 3
  • Delaware – 3

State Impact

In 2014, KPMG was contracted by the State of Delaware to conduct another audit and found that, “higher gaming tax means fewer funds will be available to the casino operator to support capital investments, marketing, and other requirements. While a high gaming tax may enhance State revenues, it may conflict with other objectives such as job creation and the sustainable economic health of the operators.”

Miscellaneous Dover Downs Facts CY 2017:

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